I love you more today than yesterday...Yesterday you really got on my nerves!

We're All Decked Out

For Fall!!

 Come See what's New

Candles from Yankee, Kringle, & Woodwick

Melters from Thompson

Delicious scents all around


Save 40% - ALL FLAGS

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The Freshest Produce Around
Stop by for the Freshest Produce Around! Tomatoes, Squash, Sweet Potatoes, Tiny Red Potatoes, and more. Local produce and Always the Sweetest Corn. Our own Watermelons too!

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Wind & Willow Quick and Easy Cheeseball -- Hot Herbed Hors D'eouvres
Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. Unroll crescent rolls but do not tear apart. Press creases togeth more...

Willow Tree Collectables always send just the perfect message."""

"Jim Shore" Birthday Angels""""

Hand Painted Glass Art from Amia."

Signs from American Woodcrafters are sure to tickle your funny bone!"

There is ALWAYS something new..... !